How to Cut Costs on Food Delivery Apps in a Simple Way

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During the height of the coronavirus epidemic, food delivery apps gained a lot of traction. Users wanted to order meals from their neighborhood businesses without physically sitting down. Even though their dining rooms were shuttered, restaurants wanted a method to continue operating. Even though many people are once again eating in person, they still value the convenience of having meals delivered right to their homes. If you’re addicted to food delivery apps, it may be time to delete them or limit your use. Those delivery fees add up and may prevent you from making other smart financial decisions. But what alternatives are there to food delivery apps? Here are a few tips to help you cut fees.

Check Your Mailbox

Ordering delivery is a convenient habit that’s easy to develop but can also be expensive. Not only do you pay for the food itself, but you also have to consider the delivery fees charged by companies. Furthermore, those costs might increase, especially if you often order from the same restaurant. Many restaurants pay delivery apps steep commissions and fees, totaling 20 percent or more of the order cost. That’s why a growing number of cities are setting caps on the delivery fees they charge or are requiring restaurants to offer their deliveries for free.

Another way to cut delivery fees is by shopping around for the best deals on food. Look for coupon apps that can save you money on your meal and discount grocery delivery services. Some of these services also have partnerships with restaurants, allowing them to deliver from a wider range of locations. Check GrubHub listings for these options to see if there are any coupons or promos you can take advantage of. And don’t forget to look at your credit card or loyalty program for dining or travel discounts that can make these services even more affordable.

Check Gift Cards

Food delivery services have exploded in popularity, and with services, it’s possible to have your favorite restaurants deliver from almost anywhere. If you know someone sick, caring for a new baby or overwhelmed by life events that have them not cooking at home, giving a gift card to one of these services is a great way to help. The problem is that some food delivery apps can be expensive. It’s important to check your credit card’s rewards program to see if it offers any benefits for using the app or if any promos are available. In addition, you should also look at your mailbox – those envelopes full of coupons and promotions often include food delivery coupons or promotional codes.

Another option is to find out if your local restaurants offer free delivery if you order through their website or app instead of a third-party service. It can be especially helpful for chain restaurants that charge a fee for their delivery service, as you may save money by ordering directly from the restaurant. Some grocery delivery apps can deliver fresh food and staples to your front door for a lower cost than most restaurant deliveries.

Look For Promos

Many delivery apps have promo codes available for new customers. These can be found in the app’s email newsletter, social media posts, or in-app banners. Using these promos can help save you money on food delivery fees. Alternatively, you can check out your credit card’s dining rewards program to see what discounts or promotions they offer on food delivery services.  Another way to save on food delivery fees is to subscribe to a service that waives the delivery fee for its users. For small local restaurants that are too big to use third-party delivery services, a branded delivery app can be a cost-effective solution to help them cut food delivery fees and drive more direct orders. Some apps can create a custom mobile ordering solution for your restaurant, providing a seamless customer experience while allowing you to avoid the high fees charged by third-party apps.

Sign Up For Emails

Many food delivery apps offer free or reduced delivery on the first order from new customers. This strategy is great for attracting new customers and boosting AOV (average order value) metrics. But it’s important to ensure you can convert your new customers into regular users and avoid high churn rates. If you’re a frequent user of food delivery apps, be sure to sign up for their email newsletters. These emails can be a great way to stay up-to-date on their latest promotions and offers. These promotions can range from free or discounted delivery to cash back on your purchase. Another easy way to cut delivery fees is to avoid them altogether by ordering from your favorite restaurants in person. It can help you save on service fees and tipping and avoid the long wait times often associated with food delivery services.

In addition, many credit cards include dining and travel rewards that provide a discounted or complimentary subscription to popular delivery apps. These credit card offers can help you skip delivery fees and restaurant service charges.

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