WHIMIS What You Need To Know As A Plant Manager

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As a plant manager, you are responsible for the safety of your team members as well as the co-workers. So, you must have heard about the latest WHMIS regulations. The goal of WHMIS training is to ensure creating a safer workplace for your employees. Before going for the WHMIS certificate, it is important to have a good understanding of what it is and everything related to the certification and the training program.

Here is a detailed blog that talks about everything related to WHMIS certificate and training:

What is WHMIS certificate?

For those who are not familiar with WHMIS, it stands for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. According to the specialists, WHMIS is a custom program that is aimed to ensure the safety of the people working with the hazardous chemicals and substances as this is a comprehensive national system for safe management of hazardous chemicals. WHMIS is legislated by three levels of government: federal, provincial, and territorial. 

This is a mandatory legal requirement for plants as well as professionals working with hazardous chemicals or substances. The law deals with 3 basic parts: 

  • Labelling
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Worker Education and Training

The History Of WHMIS

There are many kinds of workplaces and plants where the working professionals are exposed to dangerous chemicals or substances that may be flammable or toxic. Sometimes these products are not properly labeled. This can create confusion among the working professionals during the handling process. Younger workers are especially at risk of being harmed by these hazardous substances, in case they are not supervised in an appropriate manner.

The WHMIS program was aimed to help protect workers by ensuring that these harmful substances should be labeled correctly. At the same time, the professionals must be trained in the proper ways of handling dangerous substances. The purpose of this training is to ensure that Canadian workers have easy access to health and safety information relates to hazardous products that they are working with at the workplace on regular routine.

Get The Proper WHMIS Training For Your Employees

Now that you know WHMIS training is a mandatory requirement across Canada, it is pertinent to ensure having the training program for your team members to help them stay aware about everything related to the dangerous chemicals they are exposed to. It is not mandatory only for the plan managers or supervisors, but also the other team members should have WHMIS training for complete safety.

Only with the complete and updated WHMIS training and certification, businesses can ensure having a team that is ready yo handle all kinds of legal and compliance related issued across the Canada. When you have a business, it becomes very important to stay compliant with the legal requirements, especially when you are living in a country like Canada that is quite serious about the safety of its citizen.

So, get a WHMIS training for your team members to ensure complete safety at the workplace.

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