What Should You Eat When You Visit Mcdonalds?

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Once in a while, all of us go through a void that can only be filled by visiting the golden arches home.  McDonald’s Fiyatları has always got our back no matter we were having fun in college or now when we have regular pitstops during our travel.  The food chain always claims to offer some comfort and satisfaction over our lifetime. But whenever we go to Mcdonald’s, there are indeed some items on the menu which cannot be ignored or missed out no matter what, and they are here.


If you are that cranky or picky little child of your family, then hamburger is just for you as it has the perfect tasteless patty with pickles and not enough onions besides ketchup that fills your mouth with moisture. 

Spicy Bbq Chicken Sandwich

The sandwich mainly features buttermilk buttered crispy chicken patty, onion, BBQ sauce, pickles besides sesame seeds bun. The solid sandwich is most likely to get a little bit messy surely after you grab some bites, but it is all worth it as the BBQ sauce is not only pleasant, but the filet is also quite crispy even though it is dipped and submerged in the sweet and spicy dip. If you want to cut through the delightful sugary taste of the sauce, you can always add some more onions and pickles but always go for the diced onions so that they don’t slide out much and you are saved from the bit of a mess. Above all, the Spicy BBQ sandwich on the McDonald’s Fiyatları is quite tasty.

Big Mac

The yummy big mac on the menu features two beef patties that are placed below two cheese slices, diced onions, shredded cabbage, and a sesame seed bun. The Mac sauce is not only tangy but also creamy and sweet, which makes all the difference, and it also enriches the taste of the burger’s patty. You can also choose to add an extra slice of cheese if you love the cheesy flavor of your burger.


The burger mainly has a fish patty which makes you crave a burger while you are on a road trip. Additionally, the tartar sauce is loaded with pickles but still manages to balance its creaminess. The buns of the burger are always soft so that you can order this burger on the menu without any second thoughts. 

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