What Is Liquid Cheese Actually Made Of?

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Nachos with liquid cheese is something that can be found everyday at movie theaters, carnivals, or any sports events. Golden, creamy, ooey-gooey,and so processed, the nachos cheese sauce has become an indispensable part of American life; it even comes in a spray can.

But have you ever stepedp back and wonder, “What is it actually made of?” Don’t worry; I will help you in revealing the secret behind your favorite nachos cheese sauce. But before that, you need to know about its history like how the sauce invented and why it’s called nachos cheese sauce?

Every food has it’s own story behind it, and Nachos also has an exciting story. It was the result of quick and creative thinking. In 1943 a person named Ignacio “Nacho” picked up some tostadas, topped them with grated Wisconsin cheese, and put them under a broiler (salamander). As a result, all the cheese was melted, and he served the new dish by giving it his nickname “Nacho.”

The new dish “Nachos” was gaining popularity, and it was not complete without melted cheese. So some companies quickly started selling liquid cheese as a nachos cheese sauce.

That’s how liquid cheese (Nachos cheese sauce) was invented, but the cheese sauce we eat today is nothing like that. There are some modifications to enhance taste and texture.

There is no standard for nacho cheese, and there isn’t any typical cheese as nacho cheese. Every company has their own nacho cheese recipe. For example, Doritos gets its distinct flavor with cheddar and Romano cheeses, while Old El Paso uses cheddar and blue cheeses. And that stuff you buy at the movie theater remains one of life’s great mysteries.

It’s clear that the nacho cheese sauce recipe differs from person to person, but what are the common ingredients used while making this delicious golden sauce?

The creamy nacho cheese is generally made from entirely natural ingredients like butter, flour, milk, and cheddar. Cream cheese is can also be used as a secret ingredient to make the sauce more creamy. And to give the sauce extra taste jalapeños, tomatoes, scallions, or whatever else strikes your fancy can be added.

Without a doubt, cheese is the main ingredient to make a nachos cheese sauce. And for the gooey nacho cheese, softer cheeses with plenty of moisture, like mild cheddar or jack are the best choices, as they melt perfectly.

Now the question is where you can get the best nachos cheese in Australia? Pure Dairy’s Anita Cheese Sauce is creamy, buttery, and is made from High Melt Burger Slices with eye-catching color. And the good news is they don’t use any sorts of food color; everything is natural.

Its American cheese flavor ensures it complements nachos, hotdogs, or fries; it is also perfect for making Mac N’ Cheese or dip.For more information, you reach them at +61 3 9939 4000 or via email at info@puredairy.com.

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