What Are The Most Popular Cafe Trends Today? 

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This year has seen a shift in the cafe industry, with many cafes adapting to be a part of the new customer experience. They are designing their spaces to cater to the needs of their customers. 

This is done by including ‘coffee bars’, catering to children, and providing live entertainment. Today these trends have helped to shape the Australian cafe industry.

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1. Artisan bread dough

Artisan bread dough is a trend that has been gaining popularity in the baking industry. This is mostly because of its cost-effectiveness and labour efficiency. The dough itself is made with yeast, water, flour and salt, which means it can be easily prepared without much fuss.

In addition to being cost-effective, these artisan bread dough has other benefits such as health benefits in addition to having great flavour with excellent texture.

For more info about artisan bread, you may view the website of Suprima Bakeries.

2. Coffee bars

Coffee bars in cafes are more common nowadays. There are different kinds of coffee beans to choose from. Along with new menus, they are attracting more customers who drink coffee on a daily basis. 

Trends in the cafe business come and go but one trend that is here to stay is the rise of specialty coffee bars.

Coffee lovers who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best can enjoy specialty drinks at these cafes where baristas make their espresso shots from beans sourced only from top sustainable regional roasters in the world. 

Cafe business owners will take notice of this trend and adapt by making sure that they offer a similar service for their customers.

3. Live entertainment in cafes

Live performances at cafes are gaining popularity in Australia. These performances are not just limited to singers or musicians anymore. There are also stand-up comedians, jazz bands, and even tap dancers who visit these cafes to perform for the customers. 

With this new trend on the rise, it’s exciting to predict what will happen next in the world of live entertainment.

4. Children‘s menu

The world has changed and the cafe industry is proof of that. Parents and guardians have been making an effort to provide choices that are healthier for kids other than fries and pizza.

Some cafes have been providing healthy choices for the kids, not just the adults. The trick here is to make sure the kids menu is both healthy and delicious for them to keep coming back. 


Australians are increasingly looking to cafes, coffee bars, and restaurants for their dining experience. Australian cafe owners have been changing their businesses to keep up with these trends and they’ve been more successful because of it.

Why not join the bandwagon and implement some of these trends to see where it takes your business?

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