What are some of the traditional Easter foods?

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traditional Easter foods

Giving and eating Easter eggs and hot cross buns are just two of the many Easter food customs that have become ingrained in our culture over the years. Have you ever questioned why Easter lunch includes mum’s roast lamb and loads of luscious carrots? Perhaps this is why Simnel cakes with marzipan frosting are in such high demand this time of year? Several Easter meal customs have been passed down for centuries or even thousands of years. People now associate many of their favourite Easter meal traditions with religion. However, some meals have evolved their relevance as Easter emblems in recent times. So, while you buy Easter cakes this year, why not research the history and importance of other traditional Easter fare before you do? Learn about the following Easter food customs, and then impress your loved ones with your newfound knowledge at your upcoming Easter meal:

Chocolate eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs have become a well-recognised emblem of the holiday’s upcoming arrival. First made in the mid-1800s, the real advancements in the production of chocolate eggs occurred with the trials done by Cadbury in the 1870s. They (and other famous chocolatiers of the period) experimented with chocolates to make it simpler to melt and mould, following in the tradition of decorating genuine eggs for Easter. The first painted Easter eggs were loaded with sugared almonds and adorned with marzipan flowers.

Simnel cake

The roots of the Simnel cake are up for debate. The customary cake is prepared with a coating of marzipan in the centre and on top to depict the eleven apostles, with Judas being excluded because of his betrayal. Simnel is a traditional Lent cake that can also be presented as a gift to a mother on Mother’s Day, which falls during the Lenten season. The Simnel cake is a perfect choice if you want to buy Easter cakes!

Easter bread

With its association with the Last Supper and its role as a symbol of Christ’s body, bread has a long history in Christian religious rituals. Easter bread (together with hot cross buns) is often prepared over the Easter weekend, and you’ll often see bunnies, eggs, or other celebratory decorations sprinkled on top of the bread to give it a unique touch.

The Easter Bunny cupcakes.

What is the origin of the Easter Bunny’s role in celebrating the holiday? The rabbit’s fertility symbolism can be dated back to early Pagan ceremonies. Easter and the hiding of Chocolate eggs have become increasingly intertwined in folklore over time. Easter nests were made for the rabbits to hatch their eggs.


For Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, soft pretzels are a traditional fast food in Europe. As the coiled bread is considered a sign of crossing one’s arms during prayer, pretzels have taken on a religious connotation. In addition, they do not contain any of the traditional Lent items, such as eggs, milk, butter, meat or cheese.


While the Easter bunny is the most obvious association, carrots are frequently affiliated with the holiday. In addition to serving them as a side dish for your roast lamb, carrots can also be used to decorate the Easter bunny.

There is nothing better for your taste receptors than sharing a cake with friends and family! Treat yourselves with just one click if you have relatives over for Easter Sunday.

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