Traditional italian pizza Dublin

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Al Vesuvio pizzeria Morris Park NY is located in the heart of Dublin, where you can find all the best Italian dishes created with love and passion.

Our chefs are the best at creating one of the world’s best-loved dishes: the traditional Italian pizza.

We can therefore say that real pizza has landed in Dublin.

In our restaurant, however, you can also find much more, such as pasta but also meat or various vegetarian dishes, but above all the best Italian wines.

 Al Vesuvio

The famous Italian Pizza

Our restaurant offers a wide choice of pizza flavours, starting with the simplest and most famous such as the Queen Margherita. All our pizzas are baked in a brick oven, just like the real thing. Anyone who says, therefore, that it is not possible to find a good Italian-style pizza in Dublin is telling a lie.

In addition, there are the white pizzas, for those who do not like tomato, or the real calzone, which are the closed and stuffed pizzas; when choosing a calzone, we recommend the one by Al Vesuvio, it is our ‘must have’!

All our pizzas, both classic and special, are created with the best products directly imported from Italy, to continue to confirm our brand. Our products are above all selected and always fresh, to bring that authentic taste to your table.

If you are Italian and live in Dublin, you absolutely must come by, you won’t regret it!

You will also find many vegetarian options among our pizzas, and not only among our main dishes.

There is one basic thing to know though: in Italy it is a tradition to eat pizza at home on Sunday evenings, and we at Al Vesuvio have thought of this to bring you back home in case you miss it. You can order takeaway pizza, also through our website, so that you can eat it in the comfort of your sofa at home while watching a movie with the food you love.

We have really thought of everything because we love to please our customers in every way!

Al Vesuvio

Pizza as dessert? It’s possible!

Since we always think of everything, we can’t let you miss out on a delicious pizza dessert!

If you visit us in our restaurant, you must try our warm, freshly baked Nutella calzone. You will absolutely not be able to resist either the taste or the smell.

The nutella calzone in Italy is very popular, especially to share at the end of a meal with your partner, your family or simply your friends.

Al Vesuvio

Is a very simple cake, in fact it is created with our pizza dough and one of the products that your home can never be without: Nutella.

If you’re thinking it’s heavy, we can’t deny it, but thanks to our highly digestible dough and baking, believe us you’ll eat it with ease.

And then what? Would you deprive yourself of it?

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