Tips on buying the best seafood online.

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Who wouldn’t love themselves a beautiful and tempting platter of seafood? Seafood is not only amazing and rich in taste but is also a great source of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. You don’t have to be near the sea to enjoy fresh seafood. Quality live and frozen fishes are available widely. You just need to have the right knowledge about it. Buying fish is an art, and you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Fish and seafood aren’t easy to come by depending on your location. The best solution to this problem is to take an advantage of online seafood and meat delivery services that provide fresh seafood and meat online.

Most people prefer to buy seafood by visiting the store as they are doubtful about the freshness and quality of the product that would be delivered. But let’s take another look at these services. These online vendors provide you with fresh seafood/fish that you need – from shrimp to crabs to salmon and the way you want it cut – fillet or steak. You can order shrimp/prawns, pomfret, swordfish and a lot more, even if you don’t stay near the ocean or even a fish market. You might also find some harder-to-find species on these websites. Most of them are packaged carefully with dry ice and delivered to your doorsteps. There are a lot of conditions we look at when it comes to buying seafood like the quality, seasonality, etc. We would look at the colour, firmness, skin, scales, eyes before choosing the right fish/seafood. We also check the seasonality because If the fish is currently not in season, the chances are it has been frozen for a long period of time which makes its freshness questionable. Freshness and transparency are the main elements when buying seafood online. Online seafood vendors are doing their best to ensure both qualities.

Another thing that concerns the consumers is having frozen seafood instead of fresh. One must understand that frozen seafood is just as good as fresh if it is stored and handled properly. Online vendors ensure that they handle, store and deliver the products fresh in the best possible condition as quickly as possible. For many people who don’t have the privilege of living by the coast and enjoying super fresh seafood, these online delivery services are the best option to buy fresh seafood. These websites also provide a lot of variety in their products – be it marine, fresh water fish or shellfish or shrimp, etc. As discussed earlier, the first thing we consider when buying seafood is the quality of provided by the vendor. When buying offline, we need to find the best reputed seller based on the number of store visitors, quality and cleanliness of the place, etc. But it is a lot easier to find the best vendor online. One can read online reviews by customers. Look for an online dealer with good reputation and reviews. One can also contact the seller directly to ensure if their products are fresh. One such online vendor is FreshToHome. It has a wide range of handpicked products, from the freshest fish, marine and freshwater, fresh poultry, meat, etc. & they deliver it right to your doorstep.

So the next time you buy fish keep in mind a few of these pointers or just order online to avoid the hassle completely.

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