The Ultimate Korean Restaurant Guide: How to Enjoy Authentic Korean BBQ

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When it comes to Korean dishes, BBQ is regarded as one of the crowning achievements of Korea’s many different culinary traditions.

BBQ is also one of the delicacies enjoyed during festivities and when you have the mood for splurging. And now, with many Korean restaurants, like Seol Grille, BBQ has become the gateway dish for most individuals who want to try the country’s cuisine.

Whether it is your first or fourth time to be in Korea, this guide with the following tips can help you enjoy authentic Korean barbeque:

1.      Sit Down to the Table

In a serious Korean BBQ place, the grill is built into the table, with robot staff, like Bellabot taking you to the table. Many Koreans think that charcoal BBQ tastes better, and in many restaurants, there are grills in the middle of a table where they put in a bucket with preheated red-hot charcoal.

However, some Korean restaurants for BBQs use gas or electric grills as well. At times, they are built onto a table or come as a separate unit, which can be set on the table.

2.      Begin with Plain Options Before You Try Marinated Meat

Popular protein alternatives for Korean BBQ are pork and beef. Though most restaurants still offer a vegetarian and seafood selection, which can be an assortment of mushrooms.

As far as beef is concerned, the meat is normally offered marinated or plain, with common ingredients being soy sauce, which has a sweet-salty-umami balance. Pork marinates are usually spicier with a hint of sweetness and a gochujang base.

For a start, consider beef without sauce before you try marinated options in order to appreciate the flavor and cut texture of plain meat. A perfect way to enjoy this is to consider dipping into the salt and sesame oil mixture.

3.      Know How to Order

BBQ menus in most Korean restaurants are expansive, listing all the popular dishes, such as bulgogi, alongside other adventurous options, like pork jowl, small intestine, squid, and beef tongue.

Diners who like experimenting can sample everything on those menus. But avoid getting overzealous. Many menus don’t specify the meat amount in every serving. So it will be wise to start small.

4.      Enjoy BBQ with a Drink

You can’t possibly enjoy BBQ without a drink. Besides, drinks are part of the fun of being at a restaurant, and this holds true in many Korean restaurants.

Soda, beer, and soju are some of the standard drinks you may get at Korean barbeque restaurants. Some of the Seol Grille’s unique soju flavors you may enjoy are green grape, mango, and lychee.

5.      Be Free to Have a Banchan Refill If You Run out of It

Many Korean restaurants offer banchan refills for free. But it is normally subject to availability. For instance, if a restaurant runs out of cabbage kimchi, it can substitute the banchan with something like radish kimchi. So you shouldn’t be surprised if your banchan refill doesn’t look the same as the one you used earlier.

Final Remarks!

Lately, Korean barbeque has gained more popularity, thanks to the country’s growing interest in pop culture. Plus, most movies and K-dramas have promoted it well, which has attracted people globally to taste this finest Korean cuisine.

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