How to use a food steamer?

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As new technologies and latest innovations have been added into the food industry. For example, after the induction stoves, the next option, which is in extreme demand, is the food steamers. But many users are not aware of how to use food streamer. If you are looking for ways to help you in using the food streaming, then here in the post, we will share all those ways that can help you in using food streamer or how to use a food streamer. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

Learn about the type of food streamer you have

Food streamers are of two types, which are electric as well as a streamer. The food streamer one is the most common one, and using it is quite simple or easy. You have to place your vegetables into that and close your lid to start the process. 

Never add as much as water.

Most of the users made a mistake while adding too much water into their streamer. While you are using a streamer, then you make sure that you must not add water more than 2 or three inches.

Boil Water First

While you are using a food streamer, then you must make sure that you should add water first. Before starting the process of cooking, you must boil the water first. It will help you in making your dish better and tastier.

You must never cook for a long time

Most of the chef across the World uses the same technique for making their cooking great. As we all know that the steamed vegetables take less time for getting cooked, so while you are using steamers, you must not take so much time for cooking. 

Have better steam using herbs and stock

As we all know that herbs and stocks are the best choices, which are very beneficial in making better steam. Even though they are the ones that will help you give a better taste to your dish, some of the main herbs that you can use within your food streamer are rosemary springs, dill springs, and lemongrass.

Make sure that your steam must be airtight

While you are using a food streamer, you must make sure that your streamer must be air tight. While you will choose a loose lid, it will make the steam go out of the streamer. If you create a good steam within your streamer, you can only make better and tasty food. 


At last, we hope that you have understood all about how to use a steamer for food. In this case, if you have purchased a new streamer, then we believe above-discussed information will be very beneficial for you.

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