How To Start A Restaurant In Hong Kong

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 Hong Kong, a culinary hub of Asia, has restaurants that offer a wide variety of food from all over the world. People in Hong Kong love the food, thus, there is a great scope for restaurant and beverage businesses in the region. To open a restaurant in Hong Kong, you need a general restaurant license, given by the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). If you want to open a restaurant business fast, a business takeover would be a better option.

Following are the steps to open a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Incorporation of the company

After deciding to open a restaurant in Hong Kong, one must set up a company in Hong Kong and obtain a certificate of incorporation from the Hong Kong company registry.

Premises selection

This is one of the most important steps in a restaurant set up. The premises must comply with health, building safety, and fire safety requirements.

Application for the General Restaurant License

To operate a restaurant in Hong Kong, a general restaurant license from FEHD should be obtained. First, all the necessary documents along with the application must be submitted to the FEHD. After receiving the application, FEHD processes the application along with documents to the fire safety department and building department for approval. After finding out all the things satisfactory they will issue a general restaurant license collecting the necessary fees.

Application for additional license

The following licenses are also required.

  • Liquor license

If the owner wants to serve liquor in the restaurant then a liquor license must be obtained. Liquor license is issued by the Liquor Licensing Board. After submitting necessary documents and attending an interview with the board, if found all the things satisfactory liquor license would be issued to the applicant. This license would be only valid for the liquors meant for immediate consumption. If the owner wants liquor to store for a longer time then license for storage of dangerous goods from the fire services department must be obtained.

  • Import license

For the import of frozen meat and poultry, an import license from the import department of FEHD must be obtained. Also, registration of restaurants with a centre for food safety is required. After submitting an application with necessary documents, if found appropriate then import license would be issued to the applicant after collecting fees. The validity of the license is 6 weeks and one shipment period.

  • Bakery license

Bakery licenses are needed if over the counter bakery products are to be sold in restaurant premises. It is also issued by FEHD.

  • Food factory license

If a restaurant wants to deliver takeaway services or catering services then a food factory license must be obtained from FEHD.

If a restaurant wants additional products like milk, restricted food, etc then a separate license is needed.

Staffs hiring

The restaurant will need competent staff. The staff can either be local or can be international. For international workers, a work permit is required. Employee hiring guidelines for Hong Kong Company would help during the hiring of staff.

If one follows the above-mentioned procedures, then it is relatively easier to open a restaurant in Hong Kong. If you are looking for a business for sale, Easy Buy Sell Business, a Business for Sales portal can help you.


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