How to cook a BBQ on a fire pit ?

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Most people are often of the misconception that a BBQ has to be prepared on an actual barbecue grill. However, people have been cooking over fire for such a long time even before the actual barbecue grill was actually invented. Much as many people love to use the long old barbecue that is somewhat outdated, it has gotten to a point in the culinary arts where people love to try out new cooking techniques. One of those inventions is the use of the fire pit, that is a good option to give you such an excellent experience for cooking on the outdoors.

Why use a fire pit as an option for cooking BBQ?

Fire pits tend to have a general effect of bring people together, in the process of preparing a barbecue. This is especially because at any given time, many people are able to use to to cook together, since the smokeless fire pit ideally often take centre stage. This is so unlike the normal barbecues that are often stacked somewhere at the corner of the patio.

Another thing that is worth taking note of, is the fact that anything that can be prepared on a grill, can also be cooked on a fire pit. However, the only difference is that fire pits often do call for firewood. Some may use smokeless coal, whereas most of them actually use the firewood that is kiln dried.

How best to cook on a fire pit

There are quite a number of ways by which you are able to cook on a fire pit. Discussed below are instructions on how you are able to use various techniques of cooking on the fire pit.

Pot Cooking

You are actually able to make some stew or curry in a pot, using a fire pit. As a matter of fact, you can cook a wide range of recipes in a pot, over a fire pit; something you are not able to do over a barbecue.

There are various ways through which you are able to cook from your pot using the fire pit. First, you can fry on your pot directly on the pit grill; alternatively, you are able to have your pot hanged from a tripod while cooking. Both ways work perfectly.


You can buy a rack to fit on the top of your fire pit for grilling, if at all it does not have a grate for grilling. However, most of them actually do come with the latter. You may even decide to go for the option of providing each of the guests that you have invited over for BBQ, with a basket for grilling. This way, each of them can grill their own meat, over the pit; while having lots of the fun.

Rotisserie Cooking

This is yet another type of cooking that can be done over the fire pit. Irrespective of the fact that it takes a bit long to cook, and tricky to master on the steps it often results into BBQ that is very tasty and delicious.


Skewering is one of the must-haves in camping barbecue activities. There is an endless list of the number of things that you are able to skewer over the fire. You are thus able to make quite a variety of skewered kebabs, over the fire pit.

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