Halal Food: What You Should Know About It?

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‘Halal’ is an Arabic word that is used to denote a particular activity or thing that is permitted under Islamic law. Halal food is a term that refers to the food items that practicing Muslims can consume. When you study Islamic dietary laws, Halal is one of the first words you might come across. Any food item that does not come under the category of Halal food is considered to be forbidden for the followers of Islam.

Apart from Muslims, many Non-Muslims, too, prefer consuming Halal food these days because of it being blood-free, healthier and several other reasons. If you have been planning to try Halal food, it is imperative that you do some basic research on it. Before you Google ‘Halal food near me’ using your mobile device, you must try and get a decent amount of information on it.


While one would have expected Halal food to have been discovered in some Middle Eastern country, the truth is that it originated in the United States in the 1960s. The rise in the Muslim immigrant population in the country was one of the biggest factors behind the discovery and subsequent popularity of Halal food.

The popularity of Halal food led to the emergence of specialist butchers who were equipped with the skills and techniques to slaughter animals according to the doctrine of Halal or Islamic dietary laws. In a very short span of time, Halal food products started being available in most parts of the world. Regardless of which country you are based in or traveling to, you can be sure about finding Halal food there.  Find the best halal cakes shop in Singapore to celebrate every occasion without a compromise

How To Find

As stated earlier, Halal food is available in most countries across the globe. In Islamic countries, you will find Halal food items being sold at every nook and corner of a city or town. However, even if you are in a city or country, which has a marginal Muslim population, you can still find Halal food there. If you have been having trouble finding Halal food, you can simply go to the website myhalalrestaurants.com and in just a few seconds, you will get an elaborate list of Halal restaurants to choose from in your vicinity.

Halal Dishes

One of the most fun things about trying out Halal food is that you get a wide range of mouthwatering dishes to choose from. You can start with kebabs that feature chicken, beef and mutton along with spices, herbs and other delectable ingredients. If a Kebab tastes exceptionally well, you must know that all the ingredients have been used in the right proportion. Some of the most popular Halal kebab items are Lamb Shish Kebab, Turkish Kofta Kebab, Lamb Kofta Kebab and Chicken Boti Kebab.

When you are trying Halal for the first time, you cannot miss out on having some of the delectable halal curries including Beef Nihari, Chicken Tikka Masala, Coconut Chicken Curry, Haandi Curry and Mango Chicken, among others. The best way to enjoy these curries is to have them with basmati rice or a chapatti which is essentially a flatbread. While placing an order for Halal food at a restaurant, you must tell them how spicy you like your food to be.  


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