Essential Tips While Buying Beef, Meat or Steak

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Everybody buys beef or meat or steak buying them through the most effective ways helps you in many ways. It is good if you know the different types of cuts and even better if you are acquainted with the USDA grades. You can get as many as 60 varieties of beef products in your grocery and there are as many as 8 varieties of USDA grades. However, the top three grades namely prime, choice and the select. The variety of prime is considered to be the best, most tender and flavourful. Get the best beef or meat or steak from the Rib N Reef to ensure the flavour, tenderness and the juicy taste of the beer or meat and steaks.

When you are visiting your grocery shop for your purchases of grocery items and have an intention of buying meat or beef never forget to buy the meat or beef at the end of your all other purchases. The bacteria get multiplied at a temperature of 40-degree Fahrenheit or above and you should not keep them more time in open or room temperature. It is better that you keep them as cool as possible or less time under room temperature until they are refrigerated or frozen.

While buying steaks, always try to buy it directly from the chicken butcher counter because they are freshly cut and best in comparison to the pre-packaged steaks. One of the most important is the USDA grades. Look for USDA grade whenever you buy meat or beef or steak or roasts. In the cases of absence of USDA grade, you can be sure of substandard items or something wrong in the item. In some cases, the stores put their own labelling instead of USDA labelling like Blue Ribbon Prime or Premium Select etc. Beware of this labelling.

When you buy raw steaks look for highest rated quality i.e. the steaks containing flecks of fat or marbling in abundance and harvested from young cattle less than or about 2 years old. Examine the colour and determine the colour whether they are bright cherry-red colour or not. The bright cherry-red colour steaks are the best and fresh. On the other hand, dark red indicate old beef or cuts which were packed for a longer period. You should never buy the steaks which are greyer or have a brown spot. The good steaks should be firm to touch instead of soft.

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