Different Ways to Cook Spare Ribs

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Have you got uninvited guests at your house? Or just a bunch of friends wanting to catch you by surprise? Well, they surely are pleasant but bring the usual “what to cook?” Anxiety. You have to improvise and can’t magically prepare anything in such a short time. Well, what about those spare ribs in your freezer? They surely will make for a meaty spicy snack. Below are some of the ways you can easily cook ribs to have a fun time with your guests.

Crockpot Braised Ribs

Nothing tastes better than tender ribs with flavoury sauce soaked deep inside them. If you are looking for the quickest way to have supper ready, braise the ribs with a flavourful liquid inside your crockpot until they are tender. Then spread some sauce on them and serve. You can also use a pressure cooker for faster results.

Crockpot Braised-Fried Ribs

If you are a mad fan of chicken wings and want the texture and taste in everything, this is the best option. Just let them boil in the sauce in your crockpot until they are cooked and tender then toss them in oil and let the crust form. You can serve these with your special homemade ketchup.

Grilled Ribs

If you want to have fun grilling with your friends but also want the tenderness that comes with cooking them at low temperature, have them soak all the taste and be cooked in your crockpot and once they are cooked to medium-rare, cover them with a thick sauce and grill them for the final touch.

Roasted-Broiled Ribs

Are you starting to think this post is for people with an extensive list of cooking supplies? Well, here’s a surprise. If you don’t have a grill, simply roast your ribs at a low temperature in a slow-cooker or crockpot until tender. Afterwards, use a broiler for the thick crust everyone likes.

Slow Roasted With a Hot Finish Ribs

If you can’t stay with your ribs while they are cooking and continuously turn them, cook them nice and slow in a crockpot to let the tenderness form, then turn the temperature to scorching high to about 450°, and caramelize them with sauce and roasting for some time.

Bet your mouth is drooling after reading all these flavour-filled methods to cook spare ribs. Make sure to try one out if you want to impress those around you or just enjoy your alone time.

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