Cooking In The Time Of Quarantine

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With the Quarantine life setting across the world and people adjusting to the ‘new 

normal’, the perpetual million dollar question has only amplified, ‘‘What’s for Dinner”? 

While cooking can be a real nightmare for some, take-outs are often too greasy or expensive. Well, Shan Foods has come waltzing in to your rescue with it’s heritage of fresh and organic spice mixes and simmer sauces if you’re up for some authentic south-asian food that is surprisingly hassle-free and quick to whip up. 

As I plunged into meal prep last week, I found myself craving ‘Ghar ka Khana’ or home cooked food prepared with truck loads of love by my mother. I could smell the whiff of saffron infused Mutton Biryani as I salivated dreaming of that perfect melange of flavours. 

Being someone who perpetually refrains from all things cooking, I shuddered at the thought as I recollected how endlessly time consuming it is to make Biryani from scratch and how much tedious work it involved right from getting your hands on a tens of different spices to marinating the chicken to making spice rubs to flavouring the rice and ensuring it’s cooked just ‘right’. It was then that I chanced upon a friend’s Instagram stories talking about Shan Food’s newly launched Cooking or Simmer Sauces and urging people to check it out. I took the plunge and decided to do the impossible, cook an authentic South Asian Biryani for my family. 

Well I’ve got to say, they do not disappoint. In a Nutshell, this is what my preparation entailed: 

For the Mutton : Buy the Shan Cooking Sauces (Amazon or >> Pour them into the meat >> Put it into the oven preheated 

For the Rice: Cook the Rice with Saffron and a pinch of Shan Tikka Masala and pour the leftover Shan Biryani Sauce on top of it. 

Mix it up : Stir in the juicy chunks of mutton now marinated in the organically flavoursome Shan Biryani Cooking Sauce into the rice and cook for another 10 mins. Voila, It’s ready to be served! 

I Faced-timed my mother as soon as it was ready and we relished my favorite childhood dish virtually. Also yes, it took me a while to convince her that it was I who cooked the Biryani from scratch (with a little help from my secret sous-chef Shan Foods of course) 

So, for all you Chefs and non-chefs out there, I’m here to tell you, if I can cook, so can you and not just any food – Authentic, Fresh South Asian Food with Real organic spices that taste like home and truly take you home. Be it 4 different kinds of Biryani, Achar Gosht, Nihari, Karahi or Tandoori – Take your pick and whip it up fuss free in less than 20 minutes with just a handful of ingredients and without rushing to the grocery store. It is available worldwide on Amazon and on across North America. Happy Quarantine Cooking folks! 

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