Christmas Gift Ideas for any Pizza Eater

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What’s the one food that can please just about anyone? If you guessed pizza, you wouldn’t be wrong. Pizza is one of those comfort foods that has it all. Tomatoes and cheese are the perfect pairing of flavors. When you put it on a chewy crust, it just makes those flavors sing. Add your favorite toppings and your mouth waters. Then, put it in the oven to give it some browning, and your pizza becomes even more complex. If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, pizza is one that everyone can enjoy. It’s hearty, a little sweet, very savory and has a great mouthfeel. With Papa John’s pizza gifts, the recipient can choose pizza or spicy buffalo wings, depending on their mood.

Did Bacon Make It On Your Family’s Christmas List?

The holiday is for gift-giving. As it’s been said, it’s more blessed to give than receive. Still, it can be difficult to give Christmas gifts for the friends and family members who seemingly have everything or want nothing. Bacon makes it on just about everyone’s list. What better way to enjoy bacon than on pizza? Try the Triple Bacon pizza with strips of bacon, Canadian bacon and bacon crumbles with melted, gooey cheese and tangy tomato sauce baked on chewy crust of golden brown. Pair it with BBQ chicken wings for a great meal.

Could Bacon Make A Good Stocking Stuffer?

Bacon isn’t the best stocking stuffer because it needs refrigeration. But with Papa John’s gift certificates, you can give the gift of bacon on pizza. But the best part of the gift is the ease of cooking dinner and clean-up. It’s a gift that makes the recipient appreciate you more than once. When the gift is opened, they’ll thank you. Then, when they order the pizza and get it delivered, they’ll thank you again. Baconmania options are here for a limited time, but bacon is always on the menu.

A Gift They’ll Appreciate

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas. Everyone wants their gifts to be perfect, but sometimes, it can be difficult to find something that everyone will love. With game day wing specials, your gift can go even farther. With Papa John’s rewards program, earning points for future orders makes your gift keep on giving.  

Pizza is a customizable gift. Vegans can order pizza without the cheese for a great meal that fits their dietary options. Papa John’s has gluten-free options. If you have kids that are picky, a simple cheese pizza fits the bill for a nice dinner that’s quick and easy. Who doesn’t love the ease of ordering a pizza through the app and having it delivered without any fuss?

Satisfy anyone’s appetite with pizza. It’s a great stocking stuffer for your family. Your employees can appreciate pizza as gifts. Tip your dog walker or hair stylist with a pizza gift card. Want to bless your neighbor? Pizza is a great choice. You could even send a pizza to your friend across the country without any fuss.

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