Bimbo Bakeries USA Taps into Direct to Consumerism Business

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We all prefer buying things online. It saves us the hassle of going to multiple shops to buy a single product. Just a few taps on your screen and you can get what you desire at your doorstep. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Bimbo Bakeries USA has launched a direct-to-consumer platform, Sweet Snacking to cater to the snack needs of its customers.

Bimbo Bakeries USA has always tried to attend to the needs of its customers in the best possible way, adding a variety of products and offering discounted bundles in the holiday seasons. “ has no shortage of snacking options. Whether you prefer sweet, salty, or a combination of both, we offer carefully curated, delicious options for the entire family,” said Omar Haque, the vice president of e-commerce at Bimbo Bakeries USA.

Direct-to-Consumer in 2021

Many organizations are leaning towards launching DTC platforms to increase their market reach. A D2C platform eliminates the inclusion of a middleman like retailers by handling the entire process from the marketing to the distribution of goods itself. According to a survey conducted in 2018, people in the U.S prefer buying things online directly from the brand. DTC allows more control over the entire process and businesses don’t need to compete for shelf spaces. It also has an added advantage of direct business intelligence since it’ll be easier to gain customer insights if the business is directly interacting with the customers and having more control over the customer experience.

The Top DTC Trends of 2021

As more organizations are moving towards DTC platforms because of the recent popularity of eCommerce platforms. The changing digital and corporate environment have an impact on this model of selling. The recent DTC trends off 2021 include:

1)    Traditional retailers are moving towards the DTC model:

With the outbreak of COVID-19 which led to a decrease in the amount of foot traffic in physical stores and the added benefits of personalization and user-friendly platform, many traditional retailers are motivated to move towards the DTC model. There are some brands that are shutting down their wholesale accounts in order to accelerate their DTC strategy.

2)    DTC brands are adding more categories to their product portfolio

As the market is becoming more competitive and the recent pandemic has made it difficult for some brands to successfully execute their growth strategies. Many businesses are launching other product categories that have recently been in demand, like sanitizers or different snack bundles. The pandemic has made people more dependent on eCommerce platforms, and by entering new markets, DTC brands are coming up with innovative ways to retain new customers

3)    It’s easy to secure funds for the DTC models

With the recent growth and reliance of customers on eCommerce platforms, many tech companies, are interested in investing in the DTC models of well-established brands, which means it’ll be easier for companies to secure funding for the launch of their DTC platforms

4)    Personalization

The biggest benefit and the top marketing trend in these times is personalization. DTC platforms help companies achieve that as they are directly connected to the customer through those platforms. It helps them gather data that can enable them to market their products in a more personalized manner to their customers.

About Sweet Snacking

Sweet Snacking is a direct-to-consumer platform launched by Bimbo Bakeries USA in the mid of 2020. It was launched in an attempt to make things easier for the customers to get their beloved snacks from Bimbo Bakery USA on their doorstep, during the prevalence COVID-19 pandemic. It offers snack bundles that consist of snacks like Takis, Entenmann’s, Sara Lee, Barcel, and Thomas’. The bundles are made for different purposes like family or friends movie night or bite-size snacks for the kids. According to Omar Haque, ensures the safety of its customers by following the necessary safety guidelines while delivering the snacks to its customers.

Sweet Snacking Bundles

The direct-to-consumer platform launched by Bimbo Bakeries USA offers 5 different bundles specifically designed for different occasions and purposes:

1)         Bite Size Snack Collection:

The bundle is designed for kids to munch on. They are baked goods that can be served to the kids with milk while they are tirelessly doing their homework.

2)         Snacks For All: Sweet & Spicy Snack Box

The bundle is designed for the entire family. It consists of both sweet and spicy snacks from Bimbo Bakeries USA’s product portfolio.

3)         Movie Night Sweet & Salty Snack Bundle

This bundle is specifically designed to add a little more fun to a family or friend movie night. It consists of large-sized packages of snacks so all the family members or friends can share and enjoy their movie night experience.

4)         Coffee Pairings Variety Pack

Bimbo Bakeries USA conducted extensive research to see which of their product categories can be best paired with coffee or tea. They came up with this variety pack, that people can enjoy eating while having their evening or morning coffee or tea.

5)    Entenmann’s Ultimate Holiday Cookie Collection Multipack

Bimbo Bakeries USA’s Entenmann’s Collection is all the rave during the holiday seasons, so the company decided to sell it on its DTC platform as a separate bundle. It has a wide variety of sweets and cookies in the pack and can be given as a gift during the holiday season.

Bimbo Bakeries USA

Bimbo Bakeries USA is one of the largest bakery brands in the USA. It was established in 1945 when Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican company purchased a California-based company called La Hacienda. It entered the bread market in 1997 by acquiring Pacific Pride Bakeries. Since then BBU has been growing and now has nearly 60 bakeries, 20,000 employees, and 11000 sales routes all around the USA. As of 2019 Bimbo Bakeries USA controlled 29.3% of the U.S bread market. Bimbo is established in more than 24 countries and has 15 product lines under its name including Takis, Oroweat, Entenmanns, Thomas’ and more.

Bimbo Bakeries USA has been a customer favorite amongst children and adults. The company’s mission is to provide delicious baked goods and snacks to all. Its recent venture will do so by further increasing the brand’s reach.


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