Benefits of Using Charcoal to Cook Lebanese Chickens

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Lebanese restaurants are mostly the ones responsible for bringing charcoal chicken close to the hearts of Australians. But what exactly do they do to achieve such excellent taste? It turns out that chicken restaurants utilize charcoal in their cooking, but why?

Better Taste and Savory

Charcoal chicken in Granville is better tasting when compared to chickens that are cooked the traditional way. Grilling also brings out the hidden taste of any ingredient. Given that chickens are already tasty by default grilling them would only double the way they taste and even way more.

A Lebanese restaurant in Sydney may even do individual variations with this style of cooking. The number of ways to cook is limitless, which is what they need to continue attracting people to their branches. A cooking style that uses charcoal is also a cheaper alternative than modern methods of cooking.

Appetizing Aroma

If you visit grilling chicken restaurants, you might notice that the smell inside and outside of them are strong, mostly because of grilling. The process itself is more than enough to appetize people. It is also a good idea or hint which would give customers a peek of what they should be expecting.

Aside from that, aroma plays a crucial part in terms of the taste of the food. In simpler terms, the better they smell, the better the taste. The fragrance is also a valuable player when it comes to making an appetizer, and with grilled chicken in the restaurants, creating an appetizer wouldn’t even be needed.

A Much Healthier Option

Chicken restaurants opt-in grilling because of the countless health benefits it can give to the customers. For instance, grilling strips away most of the fat from the chicken, making it a more healthy option to consider.

Charcoals that are used by Lebanese restaurants aren’t infused with any chemicals as a way to take care of their clients. Although adding chemicals to the coal may give benefits, it is way more dangerous and risky and isn’t recommended to be done frequently.


Most of Lebanese foods involve a lot of cooking methods. For instance, the charcoal chicken has been part of the culture and tradition for countless of years already. Having an unbroken tradition like this is a justification that a lot of people have already tried it.

Aside from tradition, it is a way of appreciation of the culture, as well.

Lebanese cuisine is famous in many ways, but nothing would surpass the popularity and importance of the grilled chicken. The way it is cooked, its simplicity, and easy preparation make it a staple to any Lebanese restaurant.

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