5 Surprising Uses of Distilled Water

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The Flint water crisis rocked the nation’s faith in our drinking water supplies, with the EPA’s $100 million grant to rectify the situation coming too late for those who died during the situation. 

In this light, one of the most obvious uses of distilled water is for drinking. The distillation process removes all traces of metals, including lead, from water, leaving behind only H2O in its purest form.

These are the other instances where only the purest water will do.

1. Uses of Distilled Water in Beer

Most brewing companies use distilled water to craft their products. That’s because anything they add to their products affects the final taste.

Compounds and ions formed during the brewing process can interact in any number of ways to affect the appearance and flavor of the beer. Breweries can’t take chances using tap water that may contain any number of foreign substances.

Distilled water is pure water, so it never causes any unexpected reactions when brewing beer. 

Breweries use large auto water distillation systems with tanks capable of holding many gallons to brew large batches of beer.

If you want to enjoy the purity of distilled water at home, you should consider a smaller manual water distiller from brands like H2O Labs, Durastill, and Pure Water.

2. Using Distilled Water for Ice

You can use any water to make ice cubes, but distilled water does it better. Since it has no impurities, distilled water freezes quicker and is completely clear, with no bubbles and particles to mar its appearance. 

When you make ice cubes out of distilled water, you never need to worry about chemicals and contaminants affecting the flavor and appearance of your cocktails, or other drinks. 

3. Distilled Water for Canning

If you enjoy preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy year-round. Distilled water will take your efforts to the next level.

Using distilled water in the canning process ensures your product looks and tastes as good as the day you bottled it, and prevents the canning liquid from becoming cloudy. 

4. Distilled Water in Everyday Cooking 

Vegetables and rice cooked in distilled water taste better, and so do baked goods made with this ingredient.

What’s more, when you use the purest water possible in cakes and pastries, they come out with a smoother texture. That’s because distilled water absorbs more flour than tap water does.

5. Distilled Water in Tea and Coffee

If you drink tea or coffee every morning, using distilled water can help you avoid contaminants.

Some people feel that natural water minerals enhance the taste of their morning drinks. In this case, you can add a special mixture of water-softening minerals to achieve the same effect.

Explore More of the Unexpected

Are you keen to try some of these uses of distilled water yourself? It’s safe to explore your culinary options using this pure liquid.

Dedicated chefs and homemakers are always exploring new ways to enhance their recipes. If you’re one of those people who want only the best for your family, browse our blog for more healthy, nutritious, and delicious ideas. 

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