5 Fun Freezer Uses of Silicone Molds

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The great thing about silicone molds is that they hold their shape perfectly in the freezer and this makes them incredibly versatile. Whether you’ve got a standard ice cube tray or molds of all shapes and sizes you can use them to freeze a variety of ingredients. Want to impress your friends at your next cocktail party? Or perhaps you’re looking for a better way to preserve your leftovers? With a silicone mold there are plenty of tricks you can try that will make your life easier. Here are five fun freezer uses of silicone molds.

Infused ice cubes

If you want to keep up with the latest cocktail trends in 2021, why not add a special touch to yours? You don’t need to be a professional mixologist to impress at your next cocktail party. Simply add a few fresh herbs and flowers to your ice cube tray and create beautiful infused additions for your drinks. For crystal clear bubble-free ice cubes use filtered water and boil it before freezing.

Freeze your leftover ingredients

Silicone molds can be used to freeze many different ingredients. They’re also convenient as you can separate ingredients or keep them in measured portions. You’d be surprised how much will survive in your freezer. You can freeze egg whites, milks and cream, stock, coffee, or even vegetables such as caramelized onions. When you need to cook with these you can pop them out and they’ll defrost quickly.

Preserve fresh herbs

Molds are perfect for preserving fresh herbs. Are you getting tired of having to buy excessive amounts of herbs in large packets? Or perhaps your herb garden is getting a bit out of control this summer? One thing you can do is freeze fresh herbs in a silicone mold. Freezing them in olive oil will keep them even fresher.

Add extra vitamins to smoothies

If you’ve just invested in the best smart smoothie maker and want to get an extra dose of vitamins, you can also freeze fruit and vegetables. Try making spinach ice cubes, for example. These can be added to your morning smoothies and will give you an extra helping of nutrients such as magnesium, iron, antioxidants, protein, and various vitamins. Spinach doesn’t last long in the fridge but if you prepare your own green ice cubes you can enjoy its many health benefits for much longer.

Perfect baby food portions

With the right size silicone molds, you can freeze perfect portions of baby food. This is ideal especially for busy parents that make their own baby food. You can defrost the portions separately at mealtimes. As baby food is pretty much liquid this shouldn’t take long. You can even freeze the portions in whimsical shapes that your baby will enjoy.

These are just a few of the fun uses of silicone molds. If you’d like to learn more check out the range at Shapem. You can find silicone molds in many different shapes and sizes and choose the right one for you.

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