11 Meals Ideas inspired by Ayahuasca Diet

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Ayahuasca diet recipes are truly awesome. These recipes are similar to alkaline diets which in turn gives the user much inspiration for ayahuasca diet. These recipes are very basic. They are just rice as well as plantains with occasional addition of fish. Honestly, there are fresh fruits and vegetables with little salt and sugar.

Rice and salad with a small apple is one of the best meal ideas inspired by those who desire to have ayahuasca diet. These meals though simple but taste great, you as a user could as well find avocado, lemon, honey and eggs in small quantum. The breakfasts are oats with sweet potato, lunch and dinner are plain quinoa with salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and avocados.

Dinner could as well be a mix of an omelet, rice, salad, lentils and lime to flavor it. However, the favorite of many users is rice and salad with a small apple which is eaten as a snack. It is a great combination which is quite filling.  The other very nutritious breakfast is chocolate quinoa oats with raisin, buts and green apple. For drinks also there are different options like lemongrass tea with honey.

A new life at ayahuasca is assured to avail the user with many other amazing explorations like chakra balancing and healing, moon fantasy, yoga workshop, Quinto chakra, the image here is unparalleled since it is integrated with the ayahuasca vision.

This vital image could be a magical canvas picture or the high dimensional photo or a meditation rainbow print, etc. Moyano center website is one such option where one finds the best solutions for many queries that he or she has. This could be pertained to the Amazonian medicine or the importance of shamans, the ayahuasca ceremony, or novel treatment procedures, etc.

Moyano center website is also going to deliver its users the option of becoming a shaman. It is definitely not pertained to any school to become a curandero. It is an ancient practice whereby shamans are strong with family traditions of shamanism which relates to the possession of knowledge as well as secrets of many generations.

Besides, Moyano center website allows a user to find his or her best healer. There are innumerable retreat centers located in the South America which could be accessed here and get information on them. Today, the information of healing drink that is from motherland is the gift of Mother Nature that is clubbed with an optimal healing process.

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