10 Tips On How To Properly Eat A Bagel

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You’d think eating a bagel on its own is enough. However, their versatility gives you the ability to eat it in more ways than one. You might’ve encountered a deli in Fairfax VA that includes the bagel in a different form than what you’re used to. Below are some tips to help you.

  1. Breakfast: Avocado Bagel

You’d have a tougher time trying to find someone who hasn’t heard of avocado toast than finding one who has. This is going to be the opposite for avocado bagels, but they’re slowly creeping up in the race. Adding a poached egg or ricotta will help if you’re looking for that extra touch.

  1. Lunch: Deli Meat Bagel

Going to a deli in Fairfax VA, you’d have to have an appetite of stone if you don’t order some meat. Introducing your favorite meat to the bagel, adding condiments, and heating it is a simple way to enjoy your bagel.

  1. Lunch: PBJ Bagel

Get ready to conjure up fond memories that you have from your childhood by putting peanut butter and jelly on your bagel. Seriously, give it a try right now and you definitely will have a new favorite.

  1. Breakfast: Greek Yogurt and Fruits with Bagel

You might already have greek yogurt and fruits as part of your breakfast rotation. It can sometimes start to feel monotonous even if you switch the fruits around. That’s when you introduce the bagel topped with greek yogurt.

  1. Breakfast: Peanut Butter and Banana Bagel

Just as bagels are, peanut butter’s incredibly versatile too. For the breakfast variant of the peanut butter and bagel combination, introduce a banana for this healthy yet delightful morning meal. Enjoy this protein-packed treat to get you started with the day.

  1. Dinner: Mac and Cheese with Bagel

Approaching the dinner territory, we have a go-to dinner for many folks that have a go-to deli in Fairfax VA. Mac and cheese on a bagel sure seem like something that you would’ve thought of, but you probably haven’t tried doing. This is your chance.

  1. Dinner: Turkey Burger Bagel

Replace the typical buns that you use for turkey with a bagel. Not only does it feel more special, but it’s also definitely going to catch some attention on the dinner table or at the spread. What’s better is it tastes great too.

  1. Lunch: Hummus and Veggies Bagel

When you talk about eating healthy and the options that you have when it comes to food, you’ll definitely be hearing hummus and veggies a lot, so why not give them a try with your bagels? It’s guilt-free and tastes delightful.

  1. Dinner: Meatballs and Bagel

It’s simple: make some meatballs and grab a bagel. Put the two together and you have a new favorite!

  1. Dessert: Nutella Bagel

Leave room for dessert with this instant classic. Top off the Nutella bagel with some marshmallows or M&Ms if you want to satisfy those sweet cravings.

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